Security Consulting

Security Posture Snapshot – this service provides organisations with a high-level cyber threat and resilience assessment designed to identify the security issues that require further effort to raise security standards to a level commensurate with the threats to the particular business.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) – services are designed to assist an organisation’s executives and management team to develop or enhance an overall program to manage business risk. Our specialised cyber security experts will provide an independent assessment of an organisation’s current information security program and policies, which can lead to better risk mitigation and business delivery optimisation, and enhanced communication and elevated reputational advantage.

Security Architecture and Review -security architecture review provides organisations with an expert review of architectural designs to ensure appropriate security controls are implemented and systems are appropriately resilient to cyber attack.

Virtual Security Advisor – A service to provide you access to a pool of experienced information security professionals with experience in CISO, ITSA and/or strategic advisory roles. You can leverage this service for liaison with regulators, board advisory consulting and general cyber-security expertise.